Moonflower Launch Party

Welcome to the Moonflower garden party! Including a cheeky sneak peek of our drop two embroidery pieces which will be launching next week!

We spent the afternoon amongst the flowers at the picturesque Ella's Farm for an intimate staff celebration. The scene was set with rolling green hills, blossoming gardens and dazzling ocean views. From their garden of edible goodness to our plates, we grazed on the delicious organic platters prepared by the farm and sipped rose infused bubbly.

We topped the afternoon off with a mystical workshop with the help of our favourite magic makers, Sparrow & Fox. We were treated to a tailor made Moonflower workshop working with the elements of the moon and flowers. A Moonflower perfume oil was created to harness the power of the moon and awaken the lunar goddess within. And an indulgent Moonflower bath soak to promote healing, self love and harmony.  

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