The colourful world of NLB!

Here at Nine lives Bazaar, we sure love to celebrate the special moments in life. And to kick start our first party of the year, we wanted to celebrate the colourful world that is NLB! With an eclectic mix of prints from past, present and future collections, our nearest and dearest came together to create a technicoloured lineup of florals and sparkles. 

We gathered at NLB headquarters where we sipped champas and played dress ups. Bejewelled and ready to go, we hopped aboard the bus and set off through the rolling hills of the hinterland. We arrived at our rainbow destination - with trees adorned with disco balls, a colourful bunting of clashing NLB fabrics and a stage with a tinsel backdrop. It was a spectacular feast for the eyes and the perfect backdrop as we danced into the golden hours of the afternoon. 

Special thanks to our magic makers

Event planning and styling : Hannah Darling

Styling Assistant: Jess Cale

Glitter queens: Glotatts

Photography: Emma Wiseman

BTS Photography: Kat Youngberry