Meet Our Muse: Sofia Reynal

It's safe to say It’s been a busy and exciting time in the colourful world of Nine Lives Bazaar as of late, as we head into the launch our most mesmerising and luxurious collection to date, Lucid Dream! We wanted to take you behind the scenes and get to know the South-American born beauty, Sofia Reynal, the muse at the forefront of our Lucid Dream campaign!

Floating about on set as if she had entered an ethereal dreamscape - Sofia optimised everything that this completely dreamy and alluring collection is all about. Hidden away amongst the rolling hills and farmland of Dalwood, NSW at the most magical location that felt as if we’d taken a quick trip to the Mediterranean, Deux Belettes, we were mesmerised seeing our Lucid Dream vision and collection come to fruition - in the company of the most amazing team.

We took five with Sofia, and we're all the more intrigued and infatuated by her beauty inside and out than ever before... 


Firstly, who you are and where are you from?

To really encapsulate who I am, you’d need to understand my journey. To put it shortly, I view myself as a student of the universe currently exploring what Australia has to offer. I was born in Palm Beach Florida but raised in Argentina from the age of three. The years that followed were a constant juggle of family life in South America and in my late teens schooling in Connecticut (KENT School). Home is always where the heart is and that’s why I always ended up in NYC, the city sets my soul on fire with its intoxicating atmosphere and fast paced lifestyle. Which is a complete paradox to the stunning landscapes of Patagonia.

You’re from Argentina in South America, talk us through what growing up in this part of the world was like and are your family still based there?

Argentina like its people are passionate, restless and full of soul. Growing up there gave me a strong sense of family values, which has always given me a grounding and accomplished backbone. I’m not saying it’s the place on earth where you keep your back door open, but it creates character. For everything Argentina is and isn’t, I wouldn’t call any other place home. A part of my family (which is extensive) still live in Patagonia and Buenos Aires.

What would you say your biggest influence was growing up?

I’d have to say part of my life growing up on the farm influenced me more than anything. From a young age, it’s taught our entire family to give more than we take. This process and connection with animals from such a young age shaped my compassion for nature firmly.

And how long have you been modelling for? Talk us through your journey so far.

I’ve been in the industry for seven years, but happened to land my first job at 14 with Bruce Webber for Hollister. At the time a little girl from Argentina didn’t know the door she just opened to an industry which she would go onto spending a big part of her life exploring.

Since day 1 I loved the sense of creativity and freedom that came with the job. Living out of a suitcase became the norm and a different city every week was a perk. I have and always will miss my family throughout the year, so it’s always amazing to have that time with them over Christmas and makes me appreciate them even more.

How would you describe your personal style?

Minimalistic, 90s, French, Understated

I also highly support vintage, upcycle and slow fashion.

You just shot our campaign for our upcoming collection Lucid Dream at the most dreamiest location tucked away in the hinterlands of Ballina, what was your favourite piece from the collection and why?

I love the Leo Jumpsuit, it’s such a diverse and rich piece. I particularly like how the piece flows and fits on the body, and the bold colours helps bring the entire outfit together. 

And you told us on set that you’re in the midst of creating a digital magazine around sustainability - talk us through this side venture & what sparked this passion project for you?

Funnily enough as life is, or how my life is I’ve taken another route. I’m currently workshopping a fully sustainable, wellness sanctuary for like minded people who take their well-being and body consciousness to a deeper level. I believe if someone takes care of themselves, they will in turn take better care of what’s around them. This business is a stepping stone to the digital sustainable publication, I just want to build a foundation of practiced philosophies to then share.

What’s inspiring you right now?

Sustainable interior designing. We just moved and fitting out the new place has opened a new love for timeless pieces which add flare to an empty canvas. I’ve gained so much appreciation for people’s intrinsic styles and the energy that a space can speak.

Ok, 3 hot fire questions!

Ultimate karaoke song? Escape (Pina Colada Song)

Favourite place in the world? Es Vedra, Spain

Favourite item of clothing? A bespoke vintage coat 

What’s up next for you creatively?

I’m focusing on my fashion based creative collaborations as a creative director/stylist. I’ve recently felt so empowered building a shoot from scratch then making it come alive. This is all centralised around sustainable brands and my own spin on up-cycled clothing. 

Muse: @sofiaareynal

Photography: @freyeephoto

HMU: @lucianarose

Location: @Deux Belettes