Lucid Dream Workshop with Sparrow and Fox

To celebrate the launch of our new collection, Lucid Dream, we gathered for an intimate candlelit workshop hosted by our favourite magic makers from Sparrow and Fox. With Lucid Dream being our most luxurious and mystical collection yet, we knew we wanted to celebrate with something sprinkled with magic to bring out the dreamer within all of us. The room was filled with the delicious aroma of the of oils, flowers and herbs we would be working with and as we sat beneath a Milky Way of fairy lights, we embraced the little witch in all of us. 
We delved into the realms of lucid dreaming - learning how to use the dream state to enhance creativity, create our own reality where anything is possible, explore the depths of our psyche and tap into our manifestations. Using all natural ingredients specifically chosen for us, we created a lucid dream tea blend and perfume oil. A tea blend for the enchanted - manifesting our dreams, the visionaries who want to explore the dreamland realms and ignite a new sense of creativity, one without bounds. A perfume oil for the mystics - a scent to anoint our body with just before dreamtime to induce a lucid dream state. We were then treated to a special ritual using our new creations.
Special thanks to the Sparrow and Fox team for creating such a magical event