Bazaar Babe ~ Demi The Peachy Skater

Demi is a creative force to be reckoned with. This multi talented woman has an eccentric skillset- from rollerskating to stilt walking and everything in between, she can do it all! She's living out our retro roller girl dreams and we couldn't wait to find out more about her colourful, peachy life.

Tell us a little about yourself - who you are, where you're from and what sets your soul on fire?

My name is Demi AKA Peachy Skaterr. I’m from Brisbane, Australia and CREATIVITY on any platform or medium.

You’re a retro loving roller girl, artist and all around wonder woman of a performer. Tell us about your journey into the performing arts?

Well my journey all began when I was 8 and my neighbour asked me if I wanted to come with her to dance class and to be honest I have NEVER looked back. Since then, my life has always revolved around performing! In more recent years it has evolved to multiple skills rather than just dance - even though that was my first love. Everything I do stems from a love of performing and creativity! Whether it's creating a funky video and expressing fashion or up cycling an old piece of furniture. Anything that gets my creative juices flowing.

You’ve had some exciting gigs, a stilt walker being one of them! Can you tell us about some of the fun roles you have worked?

Yes I have done many diverse gigs over the years. One time I was a giant candy cane on stilts for a Christmas parade, that was fun! I have also been fortunate enough to skate in a music video for Budjerah- 'Higher' that was a really awesome experience! I have been lucky enough to be performing professionally for over 10 years so I’ve had many quirky gigs pop up over the years!

Demi wears the Sugarland tee & Sonny flares

Have you always had a creative flare? And where did your love for performing come from?

Yes! When I was a kid (in the 90s) my favourite TV show was Art Attack- I think that says a lot! I was always interested in creating little dance concerts with my not so compliant little siblings but they were patient enough to help me in my endeavours! I was always looking to make something as a kid from obstacle courses to Easter shows including magic tricks. There is footage of this too haha.

You’re living out our 70s roller girl fantasies on a daily basis. How long have you been skating for and how did you learn?

Actually in two days it's my two year skate anniversary! I used to rollerblade a lot as a kid which helped but never on quad skates. I have mostly been self taught through YouTube but I did a short course with Velvet Rope Ignite with an amazing teacher Leigh, who taught me a lot of the technical basics. From there I have been inspired by many skaters around me!

Demi wears the Zingara dress

Roller Skating has really started to make a comeback! Is it exciting to be part of the sport as it grows in popularity? And what exciting opportunities have come your way because of this?

Yes, the pandemic has really sparked its popularity and I was lucky enough to jump on the trend quite early (August 2019) so its been fun to see so many get as passionate about it as I am! There is now so much information online for beginner skaters compared to when I started- my biggest recommendation for beginner skate classes is @nicolefoire on instagram she is incredible!

You also teach skating, what are some tips for anyone wanting to learn?

Yes I teach in person lessons through Velvet Rope Ignite as well as live classes and tutorials! My biggest tips would be PAD UP! Get that protective wear and don’t be afraid of using it because falling over is inevitable so don’t be afraid of it! Also, remember everyone’s journeys are different- some pick it up a lot quicker than others! Save lots of things for future learning just because you can’t get it right now doesn’t mean you won’t in a month! Have a list of tricks you are working towards and reward yourself when you achieve them!

Demi wears the Zeppelin flares in night fever

How would you describe your personal style? And who is your favourite style icon?

My personal style is so eclectic, I obviously lean heavily to vintage vibes but I’d say my biggest description is 'colourful'.  I’ve always had a colourful wardrobe! I feel most comfortable in ‘earthy tones’ but since creating my ‘peachyskaterr’ account I have gained a lot of confidence in dressing bold in any way I feel! 

Your playlists are always filled with bangers! What’s the ultimate roller skating song?

Oh that’s so hard! One of my current favourites is 'Everyday People' by Sly & The Family Stone. But that changes daily! I make playlists on Spotify of my current favs called- 'Peachy’s Skate Soundtrack'.

What's up next for Demi the Peachy Skater?

I’m currently evolving my account into a platform for learning as well as introducing other areas of my life, other than just skating. Up next for me as a performer, given Covid kindly goes away! I will be performing in Brisbane Festival this year, in a show called Razzle Dazzle Riot by Oscar Production Company. I'll be rollerskating, hooping, singing and dancing! All the things!

Demi wears the Austin skivvy & Zeppelin flares in honeybee

Muse: Demi Jenkins

Photography: Kat Youngberry