Mumma Moment: Sophie Renzen

Sophie is one of our dearest girlfriends and Edie is one of Ness' god daughters so it was a no brainer to include them in this shoot by Tara Samuelson. Although she has three kiddies in tow, Sophie has this way of breezing through motherhood with ease. She is one of the most eloquent and philiosophical women we've ever met and has a heart so full it cant help but uplift everyone she meets! For an insight into her life, check out the below interview..

Tell me about your family?

We're a family of 5, with my husband Cameron, Gabe (6), Milo (4), Edie who is nearly one, and myself. We moved from the Gold Coast at the start of this year to a small coastal town in New South Wales, called Wooli. We're really loving the less built up, more natural lifestyle for ourselves and the kids through this stage of our lives. 

Aside from being a mum, what are you most passionate about?

That's a good questions, I have a lot of passions, but right now my heart's feeling deeply for the earth and the environment, so I guess I'm becoming more and more passionate about nature and conservation. Being a mum, my world is naturally very child focussed, and I'm finding myself becoming really passionate about education, but more so alternative ways of educating our children, more natural ways of encouraging learning. Some other passions that feel sort of engrained in me because I've held them so close for so long are reading, writing, philosophy and photography.

Why do you feel it's so important to use social media as a platform to share so many honest truths (and keep it real!)?

Because it feels good to speak truthfully, and express yourself honestly, whether it be through social media, or art, or in real life. I've gained a lot from people who have been brave enough to share openly and honestly, so sometimes I feel as though it's almost like a "pay it forward" act. So I share as well, and maybe someone will feel something from my words, and find it within themselves to share also, and then the cycle would continue, with lots of people sharing lots of truths, and feeling lots of good, and liberating, feelings along the way. 

How has motherhood influenced your style?

I'm not really sure, I think about it less, probably because life's so much busier now, and I kind of tend to throw on whatever I feel like each day rather than giving it too much thought. I would say I dress much more comfortably now though, and I wear less whites, because everything gets so dirty - especially with 2 boys and a baby! 

Where are your favourite places to shop for your kids?

Online or op shops. There are lots of online stores and instagrammers now who sell recycled kids clothing, from an environmental perspective, I like the idea of this, but you can find some beautiful pieces. These are usually my favourites.

What are the biggest lessons motherhood has taught you?

Patience, to drop my ego, to try to control less, and to just listen, and understand what is right in front of me.

What is the biggest highlight of your parenthood journey so far?

Birthing, it's the most empowering experience. I've found it so incredible, how each time I've birthed, I've learned so much about myself, I've grown and transformed internally, through labouring and birthing each of my children. The joy, and adrenaline that took over my body when I met each of my three babies for the first time, was definitely the highlight of my life, and journey as a parent.

How has your relationship with your own mum influenced the relationship you have with your kids?

My mum has a really kind heart, she cared deeply for my brother and I, I always felt that, and it meant a lot to me, always being surrounded by that unconditional love. I try to give that same love and care to my children.

When it comes to raising your children, what are the most important values you hope to instil in them?

Love, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness & commitment.

What's the best thing about mums?

The way they feel, pure love and pure comfort.

What would you say your motherhood mantra is?

Find your heart. Whenever I have a hard day, or a hard moment with the kids, I say this to myself over and over, it helps me to drop to my knees and understand where they're coming from. When I can find my heart, and find love for them, and for the situation i'm faced with, the stress of it all begins to dissolve.

Advice for mums-to-be?

Don't yearn for what you see in the pictures, it's never this pretty, well, sometimes it might be, but what is much more beautiful is the internal growth that you will go through when you become a mum, and when you start losing yourself in your children, giving your everything to these little people far less able, and far more vulnerable than you. It's this feeling, this personal change inside of you, that isn't often talked about, or shown in the photographs, but that is by far, the greatest part about becoming a mother.

Sophie wears our Lover Jumpsuit in Sapphire, Edie wears Bambita Kids Harli Blouse.

Location: Trader Trove.