Our version of Utopia

Utopia. Is it a place? A feeling? A destination? I often question myself, am I still on the right path, heading in the right direction? For most part, the answer is yes. I often find myself counting my lucky stars for this downright wonderful journey I've been blessed with. Wide Golden Arches mark my milestones, my best friends arm in arm as we find our groove along this blessed path. Do you feel the same, as though your path is paved with wild flowers and golden moments? Do you ever find your heart singing to the tune of happiness? Are you surrounded by 'your' people? I really hope so. If not, don't waste a minute more. Turn your life around and make it into something that makes you proud. Make this life mean something to you and those around you. Dance to your own tune, march to your own drum, find your own frequency. Create yourself. Stay on track and never stop trying to find your own version of utopia, because it's waiting out there for you, ready to shower you with the golden light of the holy grail. X