Mama Moments

In celebration of Mother's Day, we wanted to share with you all the many faces of Motherhood within our team. From pregnant mamas, to pet mamas, to new mamas, we chat to the team and find out about their unique journeys with Motherhood.

There must be something in the air at HQ - two new bubs have just joined the family in the last week and two more bubs are still on the way! To say the office is clucky is an understatement...

We welcome the two new little ones and congratulate Rose and Ness on their beautiful new additions. You are both wonder women! Ness actually gave birth the day of this photoshoot - how's that for a Mother's Day treat!

So, Happy Mother's Day from the NLB team - whatever that means for you! 

Tell us a little about who makes up your family?

Rose: My husband Ryan, my five-year-old Bella Luna, two-year-old Lola Valentine and newborn son River Morrison who will be two weeks old on Mother’s Day! 

Vanessa: My fam consists of myself, my husband Stein, our dog Roo, my little 3 year old boy Oscar and my darling two day old edition, Lily.

Libby: My partner Tom and our 2 Sphynx cats; Neko & Yoshi - they make our hearts so full. We can't begin to imagine how much more we'll love this little babe when it arrives! 

Anna: Our little family resides in Mullumbimby NSW, perched under the base of Mount Chincogan. There's my husband Reece, our very fluffy border collie Henry and soon, our little boy! 

Jess: If it wasn't for my fiancé Jordan, we wouldn't have our precious Chet as growing up I had a phobia of dogs. I couldn't imagine my life without Chet and cannot put into words how much he has helped me personally.

How would you describe your pregnancy journey so far?

Libby: All day morning sickness everyday! I'm so tired all the time. By 3pm I'm ready for a nap without fail! 

Anna: I actually love being pregnant! It started as a welcomed surprise and I've been beyond grateful everyday since. It's such a special experience that I'll cherish forever, I'm so lucky, women are incredible and no matter how or when we get here, it is truly the greatest gift! On the other hand, I'm looking forward to a wine! haha! 

What’s the strangest craving you’ve had?

Libby: I'm obsessed with green olives and sweet & sour pickles at the moment but the strangest so far has been pretzel chips dipped in American mustard ha! 

Has your style evolved with pregnancy?

Vanessa: It was forced to! I said goodbye to bottoms and tops early on in the piece and said hello to flowy dresses for the rest of the nine months. 

Rose: Massively! I adore easy to wear dresses that can be dressed up for evening activities. Everything has to be breastfeeding friendly now also which changes everything! We have definitely added buttons to upcoming styles to make them more wearable for all the mamas in the office!

Libby: Wow, my second trimester has only just started but I already cannot fit into my jeans - my usual staple during winter - so I'm finding myself wearing stretchy knit pants and dresses a lot more now. 

Anna: No not really! My style has always been dressing for comfort with oversized dresses, shirts and knitwear so I haven't had to buy anything pregnancy specific. A lot of people don't notice I'm pregnant until I flash my big belly.

Favourite pregnancy / breastfeeding friendly NLB piece?

Rose: I live in my midi dresses, my faves at the moment are the Fleur from Moonflower (so good at hiding my post birth mum tum!) and the strappies from Electric Ladyland.

Vanessa: I adored wearing the Garden Party maxi (super bump flattering as it cinches in all the right places) and can't go past our Nostalgia Empire dress in emerald!

Libby: Loving the Piper dress at the moment - nice and stretchy, and super comfy to wear all day.

Anna: The Clementine Blouse!

Libby wears the Piper dress in midnight

What’s the best parenting advice you have been given?

Vanessa: Basically watching Rose set the best example by not sweating the small stuff. She is mum goals!

Rose: Everything is just a phase!

Anna: From my Dad! - "Everyone will try and tell you how to parent, don't listen to them, do it your way."

Jess: When you take TIME and invest true passion/energy to be involved with your family, you will form the strongest bond and watch the magic unfold. 

What’s your favourite part about being a mum?

Vanessa: Being someone's happy place. As such an affectionate soul I just can't get enough of the snuggles! 

Rose: The cuddles and the unrelenting love!

Jess: That I have my boy Chetty to take care of and ensure he gets to live his best life. I love seeing him so happy.

What's your favourite family bonding activity?

Rose: Definitely heading to the beach on the weekends or going away camping in my vintage caravan! 

Vanessa: Camping, boating and beaching!

Libby: As it's just Tom and I at the moment we love a Sunday morning lie-in with coffee. Otherwise as we are obsessed with Japanese culture and food, we love going out and finding new ramen restaurants or revisiting our favourite ones.

Anna: On weekends Reece is always up early and he will bring me a coffee in bed, Henry's allowed in for a cuddle and we all have our morning coffee in bed. 

Jess: We enjoy a fun sunrise beach run all together. It's the best way to start the day and everyone's involved. Chet feels a real sense of unity and gets super excited. We all swim in the ocean together afterwards.

Jess wears the Twiggy Dress in Domino (coming soon)

What’s your favourite self care practice?

Vanessa: Hot baths, at home microdermabrasion and trashy reality tv!

Rose: Long hot baths with plenty of yummy bath salts! These last a few solid minutes before the rest of the family gatecrashes!

Libby: Normally it's taking time out to go to the gym and have a soak sesh with my gf's however as I'm not allowed to be sitting in hot tubs at the moment and as I've been so nauseous, right now it's taking time for myself to get my nails done or watching reruns of Gilmore Girls - boring I know!

Anna: A long bath with lots of nice smelly salts!

Jess: When I'm needing a moment to relax, I soak in a candlelit bath with bath salts and flowers.

Anna wears the Empire dress in Emerald

What will you be getting up to this Mother’s Day?

Vanessa: Newborn snuggle and stare time!

Rose: I’m not sure what the girls have in store for me but I’m sure it will be perfect!

Libby: Hopefully spending it with our Mums - it's my last Mother's Day before Tom will be forced to make it a day about me too!  

Anna: A swim in the morning followed by a nice home cooked breaky! 

Jess: We often like to go away in our van all together and explore. We will be taking Chetty Bear down to our favourite freshwater creek to enjoy nature and a picnic all together.