DIY Christmas Bauble

At NLB HQ, one of our favourite things about the festive season is getting creative, making decorations and gifts. Our amazing customer service queen Jess is our DIY expert, and took us through how to create some Nine Lives inspired baubles to decorate our office Christmas tree.
Our ‘70s inspired marble baubles are fun and easy to make -  a perfect craft project for your chixmas party or to do with your family, giving your Christmas tree that groovy touch.

You will need
  • Marble Paint 
  • Christmas Baubles 
  • Stick for holding the bauble 
  • Bowl or Pot for water 
  • Gloves
  • Wooden or Metal Skewers or Marbling comb 
  • Drying Tray
  • Champagne (optional, but recommended)

How to make them
  1. Gloves on
  2. Bowl or container filled near top with cold water (Water is required to be replaced after each marble art design)
  3. Decorations ready to go (Baubles require top to be removed and replaced with stick to hold bauble in place securely)
  4. Shake a few drops of the marble paint onto the surface of the water (3-4 colours is best recommended)
  5. Working quickly use skewers or marbling comb to mix and create patterns between the colours
  6. Submerge baubel completely under the water so the marble paint wraps around the object and quickly pull out and pop somewhere to dry.
  7. Place onto a tray to dry for 30mins
  8. Place top back onto bauble and decorate upon tree

We also made Wrapping paper using the same method!

You will need
  • Wrapping paper (no gloss)
  • Large Shallow Tray

    *If water colouring wrapping paper - Place the paper directly onto the top of the water (this can be a shallow tray as the entire piece of paper does not need to be submerged - only the one side where the paint will transfer onto.)
    Leave to dry - could potentially place on an indoor washing line.


We love seeing all your creations so be sure to tag us so that we can see!